Escrow Services

Aero-Space Reports provides an aircraft escrow service with a level of confidentiality and security that is unmatched. To further guarantee your transactions, we are fully bonded and insured, and our escrow procedure is fully compliant with the latest multi-level security protocols for electronic funds and document transfers.

If you elect to use our escrow services, we will act as a neutral third-party to the transaction. First, we will conduct a title search of FAA records and International Registry records (if applicable) and determine all of the necessary documents for transfer title of an aircraft of record with the FAA.  We will receive all documents from the Seller as well as the Seller's lienholder (if applicable).  We will receive the Buyer's funds into escrow and, upon written authorization from the Buyer, disburse the funds to the appropriate parties with simultaneous filing of the documents with the FAA and International Registry (if applicable).

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